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What The Fire Ignited by Shay Eskew

We all face obstacles. Whether physical, spiritual, emotional, or financial, we are all working to overcome a roadblock ahead of us. When Shay Eskew’s roadblock — a splash of gasoline and a lit match that set his body ablaze ― came as a child, he had the choice to either succumb to his injuries or to rise above them. In What the Fire Ignited: How Life’s Worst Helped Me Achieve My Best, Shay shares the trials and tribulations he was forced to face while recovering from his burns and reclaiming his life as an athlete.

Despite being told to give up on sports, Shay began training for and competing in IRONMAN triathlons. By sharing his story, Shay hopes to help those struggling with life to realize the greatest tragedies are often our greatest blessings if we have the faith to stay the course. We are all facing something; we all have the odds stacked against us in some way. In What the Fire Ignited, readers should take comfort in knowing others have been there and not only survived, but thrived.

Shay Eskew

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Shay’s story of perseverance and sheer will is one that needs be told and retold! His journey is both harrowing and hope filled


NL CY Young Winner, Olympic Bronze Medalist
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